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The story of Barton Farm sweet corn

Barton Sweet Corn FarmThe Barton kids started selling sweet corn in 1984 as a summer project. While other kids built lemonade stands, we picked fresh sweet corn. We set up shop in the Meadowthorpe neighborhood and soon realized Lexington's need for farm-fresh vegetables. Every year, we would experiment with new varieties of sweet corn and other vegetables. After 1987, we decided to concentrate on just growing sweet corn. We mainly grow Silver Queen sweetcorn for Its height, ear size and durability. Perfect for canning and freezing to enjoy year round. In 2004, we added an early variety "Peaches and Cream" bi-color sweet corn. It's super sweet and a big hit with our customers.

Over time, the original Barton kids grew up and disappeared into colleges, family life and other non-sweet corn careers. The skills learned in the sweet corn business have propelled them forward in accounting, medicine, science, farming and journalism. But now, a new generation of Bartons have come forward to continue the sweet corn tradition started years ago.

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