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Corn Recipes

Fresh Barton sweet corn is the perfect ingredient for all your corn recipes.  Here's some of our favorites.

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Yes, You Can!

When preserving the season's bounty, it's important to pay close attention to your canning method. No one wants to open a can of spoiled sweet corn. Here's a few tips to ensure quality corn from start to finish.

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Picking good corn

When confronted with a large truckload of fresh sweet corn, it's hard to know what defines a good ear. After awhile, you might start to think they all look the same. And how can you check an ear without breaking the shuck? Here are some simple suggestions to help find that perfect ear.

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Freezing corn the right way

Now that you've found the perfect sweet corn of the season, how do you properly and safely freeze it to enjoy all year round?  We've put together a freezing guide with some help from our local Food & Nutrition Cooperative Extension Specialist. So clean out that freezer and start blanching!

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Beginner's guide to corn

Are you completely new to sweetcorn? This article covers the absolute basics of sweet corn and will bring you up to speed.

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